Have Your Say on the Upcoming Thurrock Council Adult Social Care Peer Review – June 2018

This is your opportunity to Have Your Say on the Upcoming Thurrock Council Adult Social Care Peer Review – taking place in June 2018.

The Topic is all about Mental Health Services & Support in Thurrock.

An EasyRead version of this information and the Survey is available to download and complete from here: Thurrock MH Peer Review Questions EASYREAD [FINAL]

An online version of the Survey can be completed here: https://www.surveyexpression.com/s/68078/ThurrockMHPeerReview

All responses are anonymouse and non-attributable

If you have any questions, please contact us via the “Contact Form”on our homepage

What is the Local Government Association?

The Local Government Association is national organisation. It’s members include 415 Local Councils. The Local Government Association works with councils to support, publicise and improve them.The Local Government Association gives Local Councils a voice when speaking to National Government

What is a Peer Review?

A Peer Review is a short visit by some experts.

The visit is organised by a council and involves a small team of local government officers and councillors spending time at the council to interview people who work at the Council, to ask them questions and share what they find out.

Why is it important to have a Peer Review?

A Peer Review is a good way to help Councils to improve how they provide support and services to the people that live in the local area. The Council can pick the topic for the Peer Review.

How long does a Peer Review last?

The Local Government Association Peer Review in Thurrock will last 3 days, (12-14th June 2018).

– Day one: Interviews with individuals and professionals

– Day two: Interviews with individuals and professionals

– Day three: The experts gather their findings and recommendations from the interviews and present these to the Council.

Who is on the Peer Review Team?

A Lead Peer – A Director of Adult Social Care (with experience of mental health and personalised services)

A Member Peer (A Councillor) – Leader or Portfolio Holder,

A Health Peer – Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Senior Officer

A Senior Officer Peer 1 – Assistant Director/Head of Social Care

A Senior Officer Peer 2 – From the Eastern Region with experience of MH services
LGA Peer Review Manager

The Peer Review Team are visiting Thurrock from 12th—14th June 2018.

Please take a few moments to answer some questions and provide your views and feedback in a short Survey by clicking here

All responses from the Survey are anonymous and non-attributable.

What happens next?

We will gather everyone’s views, feedback and responses to the questions and then Thurrock Coalition will write a Report.

We will send the Report to the Peer Review Team so they have a chance to read it before the visit Thurrock in June 2018.

The Peer Review Team will write a Final Report with recommendations about how to improve local mental health services

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your views

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