“Health, Wealth & Your Money: Carers Rights Day”, 28th November 2014

The Thurrock Coalition – Health, Wealth & Your Money – Event Report and Recommendations – December 2014 is now available to download here

The event was facilitated by Thurrock Coalition, the ULO for Thurrock in partnership with CARIADS (to coincide with Carers Rights Day 2014),
The key aims of the event were to:
• Empower Carers & disabled people through information, advice, guidance and support.

• Raise awareness and provide information and advice to Carers, Disabled people, family members, older people on issues of health, wealth and your money, helping people to make their money go further, looking into and discussing issues such as financial safety, trading standards, safeguarding, lasting power of attorney, credit unions, welfare reform, welfare benefits, rights, entitlements, income maximisation and how people can mitigate cumulative impact of welfare reform.

Note: The Presentations for each Speaker can be found at the end of the Report. In Microsoft Word – Double-Left click on each presentation to open it

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