Building Positive Futures: Making the Case for Timely Intervention

In relation to the Thurrock Council “Building Positive Futures” programme, Thurrock Council Adult Social Care commissioned a qualitative review of individuals known to Adult Social Care, through a combination of desktop analysis and qualitative interviews with the individuals, their families and carers concerned. This enabled an holistic analysis, examining information on episodes of poor health and well-being.  The review worked backwards from a crisis point to identify likely causal factors and pre-existing conditions. Costs arising to the health and social care economy as a result of the crisis were also identified.
The aim of the project is to test the following proposition:

More timely (and lower cost) interventions would prevent or delay the need for more intensive (and higher cost) care and support services.

It is envisaged that the information generated from the research will inform the understanding, knowledge and future development of the Adult Social Care “Building Positive Futures” policy-making process, practical application and implementation in Thurrock. The report will be available shortly.

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