Workforce Planning – Observation of Training Project

This work stream follows directly from the co-productive project undertaken by Thurrock Coalition and Thurrock Council to inform, design and develop a Workforce Strategy For Thurrock (see below). After undertaking the project focus groups (September 2011-November 2011) and subsequent follow up event (February 2012) Representatives from both Thurrock Coalition and Thurrock Council respectively wanted to maintain the momentum of good co-production and to ensure that the strategy was implemented and that training “on the ground” accurately reflected the letter and spirit of the Workforce Planning Outcomes.

With this in mind, and to enable Thurrock Council to evidence the impact of the implementation of the identified outcomes, a series of Engagement activities were developed to include:
Observing training –implementation of the strategy between August-October 2012
Small groups/Large groups/Observing and Feedback on training delivery.
This would ensure that:
Thurrock Coalition would be involved and engaged in the completion and early implementation of the Workforce Strategy
The learning from service users can be maximsed
The next phase of the workstream would be a valuable opportunity for Thurrock Coalition, its networks, organisations and individual citizens of Thurrock to help to review and observe the delivery of “In-House” Adult Social Care training and associated modules.

The Report and Recommendations is available here

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