Sport For You – Action Plan, Event Report & Recommendations May 2013

Thurrock Coalition was invited by Senior Officers at Thurrock Council to look into ways of sustaining the interest and momentum behind the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, focussing upon increasing participation, inclusion and involvement in sports, activities and recreation in Thurrock for individuals of all impairment types.

One of the main issues that needed to be addressed was access to information and awareness of: what sport/activity related opportunities are actually available in Thurrock and how people can be encouraged to get involved within the local area.

The “Sport For You” event was held in order engage Citizens of Thurrock, parents, carers and families and Council Members Officers and Third Sector groups to explore, map and discuss current and potential future provision of Sport and Activity for Disabled people in Thurrock.

The Action Plan developed from the feedback on the day the day is available here

The full event report (with recommendations) is available here

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