Housing Hurdles Event Report & Recommendations – July 2012

The Housing Hurdles Event was held in order engage key organisations in the Third Sector including as well as Citizens of Thurrock, and Council Officers to explore and discuss issues around housing specifically affecting disabled people in Thurrock. The issues covered included: accessibility, assessments, experiences, delays, homelessness, equipment, adaptations and priority within the allocation system. 

The event provided a valuable opportunity to explore the strengths of the Housing service in Thurrock and included discussions around what has worked/is working well presently and what has not worked so well and how to improve this moving forward based upon the lived experience of Thurrock Citizens. Further engagement events in the form of Issue Specific Focus Groups are planned in Co-production between Thurrock Coalition and Thurrock Council’s Housing Directorate. Our report (including findings, recommendations and conclusions) is available here: Thurrock Coalition – Housing Hurdles Event Report 05072012 [FINAL] [TO DISTRIBUTE] 31082012

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